02.08. 2017

Let's be fwends: The Mid-Summer Edition

Let's be fwends: The Mid-Summer Edition
It's summer, it's hot (again), everybody wants to be outside and not reading emails.
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It’s summer, it’s hot (again), everybody wants to be outside and not reading emails.
So here’s a short issue that will not waste your time.

Game theory, and the evolution of trust

Remember when I talked about zero-sum games? Here is an incredible interactive game/presentation about game theory, cheating and developing trust over time.
It takes just a few minutes to complete, and it is such an eye-opener.

Short summary: When there are only a few interactions between people, being an asshole pays off. The more iterations there are, the better off are the ones cooperating.

I always thought so many people leave burnt bridges as a result of them being assholes. Turns out, burnt bridges are a prerequisite for their strategies to work.


The end of advertising?

Well, maybe not, since there is still Facebook who are planning to roll out advertising to their messaging platforms (FB Messenger, WhatsApp) and sharing app (Instagram), but it’s still interesting to see where the biggest Advertising Company of All (Google) might be heading:

A foray into a human-made landscape

(Image source: bicycle landscape)
Last autumn I had the pleasure of meeting Yorit Kluitman, a dutch graphic designer, cyclist and photographer.
We chatted about cycling, landscapes, nature, and how spatial planning creates new landscapes through organization. He told me about his project of riding through all of his home country, documenting what he calls the „organized Netherlands“.

Soon, he’ll publish his book about the project, and I just pre-ordered my copy. You can do the same at his website.

Hey, birds are really smart!
Not just crows it seems.


That’s it from this edition of Let’s be Fwends, if your computer made it down here without melting, please high-five yourself because you obviously made an excellent purchasing decision when buying it. 💻
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